~Be wise in choosing a companion, make morality and science a guide, not just feelings~

Assalamu’alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuhu…

Dear Akhy wa Ukhty fillah, it is wise to choose a life companion, make morality and science the main guide, not just feelings.

Do not just as long as love and pleasure, but look at how religion, personality, and how much he carries his obligations as a Muslim.

Because if the relationship with Alah is good, then God willing, the relationship with you will run fine later.

And if he is always responsible for his Rabb, let alone just take care of you later, because God will surely guide him with His love.

🌺 Don’t Just Just Be Happy, But Look at How His Characteristics and Personality Are

In choosing or searching, don’t just be happy, don’t just see how beautiful the face is, or don’t just see how much wealth.

But look at how good your morality and personality are, because what will bring you peace to live with him is the way he treats you later.

Look at how it relates to God, because not a few epochs are now physically established but in fact not with their hearts

Look at how it relates to God, because not a few times today are physically arranged neatly and laid out as friendly as possible, but not with their hearts, sometimes they leave it sober without kindness and improvement.

🌺 Remember, You Choose A Pair To Be Used In A Long Time, So Don’t Make The Wrong Choice And Finally Regret

Remember that you are a brother, you choose a partner to be used for a long time, not only in the world but even in heaven.

So, do not let the wrong choice, make morality and knowledge as a reference, so that later when you are together you will never regret your decision

🌺 Your Child Does Not Only Need A Beautiful Mother Or A Handsome Father, But He Needs A Person Who Inspires And Is Able To Be Responsible

And one more thing that you must remember, that your child does not only need a beautiful mother or a handsome father, but she needs an inspirational figure and is able to be responsible.

Because the purpose of marriage was actually in addition to perfecting half of the religion, it was none other than to give birth to new mujahids and mujahidah in Islam.

🌺 Be Aware, The Beauty of Science and Virtue Will Not Only Make You Unite in the World, But God willing, Going to His Heaven God

And also be aware, the beauty of science and morality is not only to make you unite in the world, but God willing to go to the shura of Allah.

So that’s why what should be a guideline in choosing a spouse is that it is noble and knowledgeable, because those two bases will make the household last long.

Wallahul Muwafiq
Al afwu minkum…

Hadaanallahu Waiyyakum Ajma’in
Wallahu’alam bishshawab…

Hopefully can be useful…^_^
Salam Santun Ukhuwah fillah…

Rita Al-Khansa

#Lailiyatus Sa’adah
#Rita Al-Khansa (Editor)

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